Best betting providers - our comparison

If you are wondering which is the best bookmaker, we can assure you that you will find out in this article. We make the ultimate bookmaker comparison for you and introduce you to new bookmakers as well as older bookmakers. With us you will of course only find reputable betting sites that you can trust.

All betting providers that you will find listed here will be checked by us immediately. Our Casino Reviews arise on the basis of long periods of experience, because we always observe the bookmakers over a certain period of time, place various bets and keep an eye on all developments. With our bookmaker review you know that it couldn't be easier for you. Find betting providers 2021 with us that are worth registering. At the bookmakers you can expect good odds, an extensive range of bets and much more.

Which bookmaker is the best?

All casinos are:   trustworthy casinos Licensed & Certified   Verified casinos Expertly checked
4.4 rating
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4.7 rating
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4.1 rating
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4.0 rating
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4.3 rating
100% sports bonus Sports actions Extensive bets
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Each bookmaker has its own approach and individual strengths and weaknesses. Our review reveals everything, both positive and negative. Only those who can convince across the board have earned their place at the top. Since the list of providers is getting longer and longer, we would like to make it easier for you with our betting provider review. This saves you time and does not have to compare yourself. After all, nowadays it is easy to lose track of things or perhaps not even know what the evaluation is actually about.

Finding the best betting providers is easy for us. We evaluate based on a wide variety of categories, which we will present to you below. Our list is also always up to date, as we are professionals and deal with the topic of sports betting on a daily basis. We put casino reviews in the hands of experienced employees who like to place one or the other bet themselves. The experts at Casinopilot24 know exactly what betting fans want. In addition to the betting provider bonus, we therefore deal with many other points that serious betting sites have to meet.

We use these criteria to evaluate online betting providers

First of all, only providers who already have a little experience will find a place on our site. You are sure to have come across one or the other name on our list, because the best betting providers have definitely made a name for themselves in recent years. Our betting provider comparison is therefore based on a rating scheme that makes classification easier. Among other things, we deal with the following important criteria:best betting provider

  • Which Licenses has the platform?
  • How about the customer service?
  • The range of bets is extensive?
  • How do deposits and withdrawals work?
  • Convince them Bonus offers?

We always keep an eye on older platforms as well as new betting providers. We don't miss a single page and we know exactly which online bookmaker will be worthwhile for you. Which one you choose in the end is of course up to you. We promise, however, that we will shed light on the darkness for you and deal with all the important criteria that are important to you. Before signing up on one page and especially before the Online casino real money Deposit you should always be well informed about the bookmaker and know what to expect.

Valid license is important

No serious betting site without a license. German betting providers either have a license from Schleswig-Holstein or from other EU countries such as Malta and Great Britain. These gambling licenses are extremely important and you should never register with a site that does not have a license.

On our website, we only rate bookmakers who also have a license. They are therefore all serious and trustworthy. The independent authorities that issue the licenses ensure law and order. The bookmakers are under constant surveillance. The bets are fair and money that you win with a bet is guaranteed to be paid out to you without any problems.

Fraud is accordingly excluded. All betting providers that we rate for you put entertainment first and remove doubts. Unfortunately, there are black sheep on the Internet again and again, which is why it is important to check betting providers carefully in 2019.

Good customer support and quick help

We also take customer service very seriously at our betting provider review. After all, there can always be questions that you would like to have answered quickly in case of doubt. Sports betting, like all other games and bets, can quickly turn into a lot of money, which is why good support is extremely important.

But what makes good customer service? Good accessibility and competent help are obvious. Many German betting providers have German-speaking customer service, but sometimes you have to be content with the English language. In addition, customer service can usually be reached via a modern live chat, by e-mail or via a hotline. So you have different contact options and can choose the option that works best for you.

We also look at individual reviews and check that customers are happy with the service. In our betting provider review, we often ask customer service ourselves a question to convince ourselves of the service.

How convincing is the betting offer?

Of course, in addition to seriousness, in the end it is always about the betting offer, which decides whether we register on a site or not. Our reviews therefore always contain a good overview of the range of bets on offer. We deal with various sports bets, betting slips and other betting offers, because with many bookmakers you can not only bet on sports, but also on many other areas. For example, some sites also allow you to bet on TV events or political decisions.

  • Three way betting
  • Handicap betting
  • Double chance
  • Over and under bets
  • Goal bets and much more.

It is also common that bookmakers not only have a large sports betting area, but often also have an online casino area. If this is available, we will also inform you which casino games can be found on the site.

We review different slot machines, take a close look at the live casinos or spin the roulette wheel for you. Of course, we also deal with the performance of the site itself. We check that the games load quickly, that betting slips are easy to fill out and that the technology simply works.

review the betting offer with a bonus

What would bookmakers be without an appealing bookmaker bonus? Modern bookmakers know how to attract new customers to their site. A welcome bonus is more than usual these days and we wouldn't recommend giving up a welcome gift either. In addition to being able to play games in fun mode, you may also want to take advantage of the option to place a bet without putting your own money on the line.

The betting provider bonus can come across very differently, basically a distinction is made between two bonuses:

No deposit bonus

This bonus is exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes the providers give you a free starting credit. This will be credited to you after registration and you don't have to do anything other than create an account on the site. Please note that registration is essential. Of course, this applies to every bonus, after all, the operator's goal is to get you to register.

You can then place a review bet with the free starting credit that you receive for your registration. This will give you a feel for the betting slips and how the site works. You can also win real money at the end, whereby you always have to adhere to the bonus conditions first, but more on that below.

Classic deposit bonus

Many online betting providers work with this bonus: You deposit money and then receive bonus credits from the operators. Around 100% up to a certain amount is usual. Specifically, this can mean: You pay 10 euros into your player account and receive another 10 from the bookmaker. Then you end up with 20 euros to bet and play. Bonus conditions must also be observed here, because of course you cannot simply withdraw your extra credit just like that.

Also check the bonus terms and conditions

Every bookmaker bonus comes with rules. It is common, for example, that bonus credit has to be converted x times before you can initiate a payout. In this way, of course, the casino protects itself from giving away large sums of money to players. Bonus conditions do not make it easy to win really real money in the end, but of course it is not impossible.

We recommend viewing each bonus as a small gift that you can't expect too much from at first. In any case, it makes sense to claim a bonus in order to review a site with little or no credit. And if you're still a little lucky and able to meet the wagering requirements, all the better!

Deposit and withdrawal methods in the betting provider comparison

Sooner or later you will surely want to deposit and withdraw funds. That is why we review the various payment services for you in advance and show you the means you can use to transfer your money. Whether betting providers offer PayPal is always an issue, especially for German betting fans. The payment service is very popular in Canada and many players trust it. We not only inform you whether betting providers use PayPal, but also about various other payment services. For example, the following are common:

As many payment services as there are, it is not surprising that bookmakers also differ greatly on this point. At the end, check in advance whether you are satisfied with the list of payment methods of the respective provider. If possible, deposits and withdrawals are also made via the same Payment service settled. Therefore, consider in advance whether you consider the respective means of payment to be sensible.

Find sites with the best betting odds

We have already dealt with the betting offer: You should take a look at the selection in advance and decide whether the bets suit you. For example, is there live betting and can you also find the sport you are interested in? Are there different leagues and how many betting slips can actually be combined with one another??

You should think about all of this beforehand. Our bookmaker comparison makes it easy for you and informs you not only about the betting offers, but also the odds. These naturally play an extremely important role for bookmakers.

We know the bookies

With us you not only find out where you can find the best odds, we also provide you with important background information. At this point we would be happy to tell you, for example, that the point in time when placing a bet can play an important role. The point in time can decide which quotas we are dealing with. If you would like to bet on the top football games, for example, we can recommend that you give it a try with a little patience. For example, many payout keys will only be announced to you on the day of the game.

You should therefore observe the development of the odds. In this way, with a little practice, you will be able to assess when exactly the right time has come to place a bet. We also try to keep you up to date and provide you with current odds.

The overall package is also convincing?

Of course, all betting providers have their own approach. This ranges from betting offers to customer service and also includes the question of the most tasteful design possible paired with an easy-to-use website. The best betting providers must be able to combine all criteria.

We therefore share our conclusion on every bookie with you, and that includes the design of the page. In our betting provider review, we not only check the laptop versions of the platforms, but also the mobile functionality. So you know in advance whether any unpleasant surprises are to be expected. But since we only deal with well-known providers, this is actually never to be feared. Modern sports betting sites run flawlessly and crashes are rare.

Mobile fun on the go

A large part of the turnover in sports betting is generated via mobile devices. This is not at all surprising, given that almost all of us have a smartphone or tablet. So it makes sense to want to experience the thrill on the go. Luckily, German betting providers keep up with the times and there is actually no site that is not made for mobile use.

This point is therefore also included in our rating. We take a look at the mobile websites and show you if gaming is fun on the go. By the way, you can not only bet on the go, but also conveniently manage your money or use the live chat, if one is available.

Frequently asked questions about bookmakers - and our answers

Now that we have informed you in detail about how our ratings are made up, we would now like to end this article with a little FAQ. We have put together some questions that we are asked again and again. Hopefully, with this little question and answer session, we can remove the last question marks from your head too, so that in the end you will feel like a professional betting yourself and know exactly what is important when choosing a bookmaker and how best to start your adventure, if you still can are brand new to the business.

► How do I register with a betting provider?

Registration is usually always very easy, the registration form can usually be found on the home page. All you have to do is provide some personal information, confirm your email address and you're good to go.

After registering, you can immediately claim your betting provider bonus. Depending on what bonus can be found, you will need to make a deposit or not. You may also need to use a bookmaker bonus code to actually get your gift. You should therefore always find out more about the bonus conditions and the respective rules of the promotion that you would like to use for yourself.

► How do I make a deposit?

Modern bookmakers offer efficient, reputable and uncomplicated payment methods. In the checkout area, for example, choose whether you want to use a credit card or an e-exchange. After you've selected a method and amount, the funds should be available in your account in minutes, as most deposits are instant.

It is important to see whether the bookmaker charges a fee for deposits. The bookmakers all handle this differently. Sometimes it is only individual payment services that incur fees for you.

► How long do I wait for a payout?

We cannot answer that across the board. The bookmakers usually provide precise information on transaction times on their site. In our rating we also tell you how long you wait for your money on average. It is usually the case that e-exchanges are quick and you only have to wait a few hours or a day. A payout by credit card, on the other hand, often takes up to 7 or 10 days.

► How many good German betting providers are there?

The market is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more German betting providers are appearing on the market. How you define “good” depends on your own preferences. In any case, you will only find reputable providers with us. We evaluate the bookmakers down to the smallest detail, so that in the end every personal preference should be taken into account.

► Why are so many bookmakers based in Malta?

Malta is part of the EU and a country that stands for a liberal gambling policy. Accordingly, it is quite easy for bookmakers to get a license from this authority. Of course, that doesn't mean that the license is less reputable. The MGA has various guidelines that an online bookmaker must adhere to in order to obtain a license.

If you would like to check a license, you can usually find a number directly at the end of the bookmaker's page, which gives precise information about the issue.

► On which page can I find the best sports betting?

Here, too, the offer is limitless and we cannot provide you with a definitive answer. But: Many bookmakers have a different focus. Football, for example, is always very popular, but other bookmakers also offer various ice hockey or tennis bets. So in the end there is something for every taste.

If you like different areas, you might opt ​​for a bookmaker that offers a good mix of everything. If, on the other hand, you are a football fan and would like to find more differentiated bets, it naturally makes sense to choose a bookie with a football focus.

► Is there a betting tax?

Finding tax-free betting providers is no problem at all, as there are still plenty of them. A few years ago the betting tax of 5% was introduced, which betting providers have to pay. Accordingly, many bookmakers decided to offset this 5% with the bets.

However, you can still find bookmakers without tax. We also do not withhold this information from you in our reviews, so that you are sure to find a platform that will not incur any unnecessary costs.

► Do I pay taxes on my winnings?

Many betting fans also wonder whether you need to tax your winnings. We can reassure you: you don't have to, winnings from gambling are completely tax-free for you. You don't even have to report the winnings to the tax office. However, we recommend that you always keep the proof of bets when you win big, if the tax office should knock on the door. The only thing you have to pay tax in the end is any possible interest that may accrue on high profits.

► Why actually bet online?

You can still opt for a classic betting company, but we would like to conclude by saying once again: Online betting providers are simply convenient, uncomplicated and thanks to our comparison of betting providers it couldn't be easier for you to find the right bookie.

Online betting providers have the great advantage of being able to offer a huge selection of bets that you don't even have to leave your house to view. Thanks to the compatibility with mobile devices, you can bet anytime and anywhere and still place a bet quickly on the go. Just make sure that you always choose a reputable bookmaker who can show a valid license and has a package that suits you. Then you are always on the safe side and can concentrate on the thrill that betting fans love so much.

We hope that you will be satisfied with the selection of sites we have named the best bookmakers. In our bookmaker comparison, we make sure to take a close look at diverse and different bookmakers so that everyone will find something with us. As always, we will keep our fingers crossed that you will not only experience the exciting thrill, but hopefully also take home small and large prizes. Good luck with betting!

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