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In Canada everyone is probably familiar with the state lottery, because it has been extremely popular since the 1940s. For some time now it has been possible in the Federal Republic of Canada to be able to play the lottery online directly on the Internet and to simply hand in the ticket digitally. This is more convenient and can be done in a few moments.

Where can I play the lottery online??

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But can you play the lottery online? Is playing the lottery online legitimate? Many providers have a valid license to play the lottery online and are thus able to offer you the tickets for Glücksspirale, EuroJackpot and the 6 out of 49 lottery online via their platform when you play the online lottery.

What is the lottery?

play the lottery onlineWhen you think of games of chance, you usually think of it first Casino games, how poker, roulette or Blackjack a. The lottery does not come to mind right away, although it is actually much more common. Industry experts assume that the lottery, due to its lengthy history and the traditional possibility of buying tickets directly in the store or kiosk, does not appear to be part of a game of chance. In fact, the lottery is a classic game in which Fortuna, the goddess of luck, just like in the casino, plays a very central role.

Because it's about numbers that are randomly drawn from a set amount. If you have played the lottery and have a match on your ticket, then you have won. There are several million lottery players around the world who hope to make big, life-changing profits through gambling.

Can you play the lottery online??

In today's digital age, playing the lottery is no longer limited to paper tickets that are bought in the shop next door, only to be filled out and sent off. If you want to try your luck, you can now play the lottery online on the Internet.

You can either do this on the state lottery website, which offers the most popular lotteries such as Eurojackpot, KENO, Glücksspirale and the Lotto 6 out of 49 online games; or you can get your virtual lottery ticket from one of the numerous online casinos, which in recent years have included playing the lottery online due to increased demand.

When playing the lottery online you are spoiled for choice, because many leading gaming sites offer you as new customers lucrative bonuses that are worthwhile and with which you can increase your chances of winning in the lottery if you play the lottery online seriously. And if you want, you can play a game of poker and roulette right away, or gamble on colorful slots and rewarding card and table games.

Is playing the lottery online safe?

Even if it feels a little strange for the traditional lottery fans who have previously bought their tickets in the store - all internet users over 18 years of age in Canada can play the lottery safely and without risks nowadays. Before playing the lottery online, look at the prices of the game sites and compare offers. There are often discount promotions and coupon codes that you can even use to play the lottery online for free.

Since 2013, the law in Canada has been in force that allows the Internet lottery throughout the Federal Republic of Canada. You can play the lottery online safely in numerous qualified online game libraries. The safety standards and certain lotto game licenses from leading online casinos make playing the lottery online serious and safe, so you can breathe a sigh of relief and indulge in the fun of the game. Galileo did the big lottery check. Check it out for yourself.

The most popular lotteries at a glance

Lotto in Canada is a tradition and that is why you as a player are lucky enough to have a wide range of different lotteries to choose from for playing the lottery online. The majority of all players choose their preferred lottery game out of habit or according to their mood. If that is too uncertain for you, you can compare the different lotteries, providers and, above all, the odds.

6 out of 49

This lottery is the classic and at the same time the most popular lottery and goes back many decades in its history among the enthusiastic Germans. With the Lotto 6 out of 49 online games you receive, as the name suggests, a lottery ticket with 49 numbers on which you have to tick a total of 6 numbers with which you want to win. There is also a fixed super number (last digit of the ticket number) from 0 to 10.

While the lottery numbers were drawn once a week in the early nineties, the current draws for playing the lottery online take place every Saturday at 7:25 p.m. and Wednesday at 6:25 p.m. on TV and are also broadcast on the Internet. Incidentally, the probability of winning the lottery jackpot is around 1 in 140 million.

Lucky spiral

In the sixties, the German Lotto and Tottoblock introduced the spiral of luck together with the National Olympic Committee in order to be able to finance the 1972 Summer Olympics in Bavaria. Even today, a significant part of the income flows into the German Sports Confederation. If you want to take part in the wheel of fortune, this will cost you $ 5 per lottery ticket. You can also buy half a ticket or even a fifth ticket, but the profit is then also shared.

When playing the Glücksspirale online lottery, the winning number is drawn every week. The winning number can have 1 to 5 digits and describes the zeros after the sum of money: 10, 25, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 $. For example, if you receive a single winning number with a stake of $ 10 when playing the lottery online, you have already earned $ 20.

Three winning numbers will bring you $ 100. At the end, a winning number consisting of 6 digits is drawn twice, which firstly announces the big prize of $ 100,000 and secondly the main prize of massive, monthly $ 10,000 per year for 20 years, or alternatively the one-time total amount of $ 2.1 million.

It is nice that all surplus amounts from the online lottery games are safely included in the German monument protection and in sport.

Euro Jackpot

Compared to the other lottery games, the EuroJackpot is a relatively young lottery, as it was only brought to life in 2012. The game of chance quickly found a gigantic amount of loyal fans, as the lottery offered a chance of a minimum jackpot of an incredible $ 10 million every week. If you want to play the lottery online with the EuroJackpot, you can do so from another 17 EU countries, including Sweden, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Hungary join in the fun. It also happens that the jackpot quickly goes up to $ 100 million.

At the EuroJackpot you choose either 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 10 numbers, so 7 numbers in total. The drawing takes place in Finland (Helsinki) every Friday at 9:00 p.m. German time and it is also broadcast online. When you play the lottery online in the EuroJackpot, you can count on a chance of winning 1 in 95 million. If you have won, you can have the sum paid out to you the following morning.


EuroMillions, also often called EuroMillions, was launched in 2004 and is another Europe-wide lottery where you can play the lottery online. A total of 10 EU countries have taken part in this lottery game to date, but Canada is not part of it. If you want to take part in the EuroMillions, you can do so via the participating countries. Here 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 12 are typed, so similar to the EuroJackpot.

There was already jackpot sums of over $ 180 million when playing the lottery online at EuroMillions, which led to thousands upon thousands of people taking part in the EU lottery with their tickets. If you want to try your luck too, calculate with a probability of winning of 1 in 140 million.


You have probably heard of KENO. This fast lottery game stands out from the many classic lotteries when playing the lottery online, because KENO draws winning numbers every day. In fact, you have the chance to win millions every day.

The lottery game has a completely different game system compared to most lotteries. With every KENO game you can decide how many numbers you want to tick - 2 to 10 are possible. 20 winning numbers are drawn at random from a total of 70 numbers. Depending on how many numbers you have ticked, you will then be classified in a certain KENO type and receive your winnings in the course of this type if one of your numbers was drawn. The following applies: The more hits you have achieved per crossed number, the greater your profit will be.

And it doesn't stop there. You can also decide how high your stake should be when playing KENO online lotto. It can be either $ 1, $ 2, $ 5 or $ 10. For example, if you chose a bet of $ 10 and you have 10 winning numbers, you win $ 1 million. In order to get the maximum profit from playing KENO online lotto, you should calculate with a probability of 1 in 2 million.


This lottery comes from the USA and is used there regularly by many Americans when playing the lottery online. Just a few years ago, Powerball made a staggering $ 1.5 billion in profit. If you want to play the Powerball online lotto, you have to tick 5 from a total of 69 numbers and in the second part choose a number from a total of 26. If you have made a profit, you can choose whether you want the amount to be paid out directly in a large amount, or whether you prefer to pay out in installments, just like with the domestic luck spiral.

Mega Millions

This is another popular lottery game from America. You can play Mega Millions in the online lottery and try your luck on a jackpot of at least 15 million dollars. The numbers are read out every Tuesday and Friday on TV as well as online and if you win, you can freely choose whether you want to receive the amount won - albeit slightly reduced - from playing the lottery online at once, or the entire amount over 30 Want to get paid in installments for years.

Recipes for success for playing the lottery online

Even if the online lottery game behaves according to the principles of luck and probability, there are some strategies with which you can considerably increase your chances of winning the lottery jackpot with the lottery 6 out of 49 online games or with comparable lotteries. The following strategies for playing the lottery online should be taken to heart.

Pattern rows

The diagonal is the most popular row in the world when typing - especially when it is selected from top left to bottom right. When playing the lottery online seriously, it was typed almost 9,000 times more than an average probability should happen. Lotto players also like to tick from top right to bottom left.

Arithmetic series of numbers

When playing the lottery online, these rows refer to numbers that are divided into constant sections. Avoid such series of numbers as these are typed relatively often by players.

Rows of adjacent numbers

The situation is similar with neighboring numbers on the lottery ticket: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are constantly ticked in the lottery, the law of probability says that any number has exactly the same chance as the other - it doesn't matter whether the compilation follows a pattern or is disjointed.


Perhaps you've already ticked your birthday when typing your lottery numbers? Statistics from playing lotto online have shown that typing one's birthday is disproportionately often done when playing online lotto. Just think how often the number 19 is tapped because all lottery participants were born in the 19th century. In fact, 19 is one of the most popular lottery numbers in the world.

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