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The so-called Pay N Play casinos can be found online more and more frequently. These gambling providers offer an innovative payment option from the well-known payment provider Trustly, which is becoming increasingly popular. There are numerous reasons for this, because playing at a Pay N Play casino offers you some practical advantages. You can find out from us what exactly Pay and Play casinos are and how the new payment method works.

Pay N Play Online Casinos

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All information about Pay N Play casinos

pay n play casinosA Pay and Play casino is generally an online casino that offers Pay N Play as a payment method. This innovative payment option comes from the well-known Payment provider Trustly, who has made a name for itself in the world of online gambling for some time. While some PayNPlay casinos only offer the new payment method, other sites offer this more as an additional option. For this reason, not all sites where this payment option is available specifically refer to themselves as PayNPlay Casino. In addition, the payment method can sometimes be found under different names on the various pages. Pay and Play is sometimes also referred to as Trustly Pay, Trustly Direct, Play N Pay or simply instant payment.

This is how Pay N Play works

Pay N Play Casinos 2021 are particularly popular because you can save yourself the registration process with the innovative payment method. Pay and Play also offers quick deposits so you can start playing right away. Even with a payout, your winnings end up in your bank account particularly quickly and securely.

No registration is necessary when using Pay N Play, as the necessary data is transmitted directly to the respective online casino via the payment. Usually you will need to create an account at casinos as the provider has to make sure that you are using the site legally. To do this, they need some personal data, such as your name, your place of residence and your age. At Pay N Play casinos, this information is automatically verified so that the online casino receives it in a secure way, without you having to fill out the registration form first. This is possible because you use your personal online banking with this payment method. For additional security, you must follow the verification requirements of your bank when making your payment. This means that you have to confirm your payment with a TAN, for example.

If you have previously made deposits or withdrawals with Trustly, you will already be familiar with the general operations of Pay N Play. This is because these differ only slightly from the payment provider's original service. If you use Pay N Play at Casino, you can look forward to an even faster payment - and all of that without registration or registration.

The success story of Trustly and Pay And Play

Trustly is one of the younger providers of online payments, but it was able to celebrate some great successes quickly. The company only opened its first office in Malta in 2010, which is still the company's main location today. Shortly after it was founded, the provider was able to inspire numerous new users for its service, so that the company quickly recorded more than 1 million transactions.

After various developments, including one Investment by Alfven & Didrikson, Trustly was able to increase its success even further, so that the number of transactions via the payment service offered rose to more than 7 million by 2014. In the same year, the payment provider was able to attract several international companies as customers. This also included Facebook, which allowed Trustly to increase its profile even further. At the same time, the company further developed its service in order to make payments even easier and faster, especially within Europe. For example, Payout Express was also launched on the market at this time. With its expanded range and increasing awareness, the company managed to conquer additional markets and expand even further internationally. In addition to the office in Malta, there are now also offices in London and Cologne and the company is also active outside of Europe, for example in Australia and Canada.

New Pay N Play casinos available since 2018/2019

When the first Pay N Play casino was launched, many players had a long wish come true. Before Trustly made the innovative payment method available, players had to go through quite strenuous registration processes for a long time in order to be able to play in the online casino. This not only includes the usual form in which personal data must be entered. In addition, players had to struggle with complex verification processes for a long time. These were necessary in advance to ensure that all personal information is correct and legitimate. In order to complete the verification, players usually had to submit copies of their IDs or receipts to the casino and then sometimes have to accept long waiting times. This process is not only exhausting, but has also meant that players have had to wait long for their money.

The new Pay N Play casinos put an end to all of this. Here players can easily make a deposit and start playing right away. Payouts can then also be completed conveniently and easily without separate verification. This is possible because the necessary information is automatically forwarded to the online casino via Trustly. The verification is also done by Trustly with the help of the bank. This not only saves the players time and effort, but also the casinos themselves, which had to process each verification separately in advance. It may sound a bit unsafe at first that Trustly will pass on your information, but don't worry: The provider also pays attention to a particularly high level of security with its Pay N Play service. This was also reviewed by the TÜV, through which the service was approved in Canada. So when you choose a new Pay N Play casino, you can be sure that the payment will be made in one too Casino serious and is processed securely.

New Pay N Play Casino - the best way to play

pay n play online casinoTrustly has brought true innovation to the world of online gambling with its Pay N Play payment method. For gamers this is Payment method perfect for processing transactions quickly and securely. The advantages are obvious: No registration in the casino is necessary, no special software is required and the method is otherwise associated with minimal effort. The only requirement to use PaynPlay is your own access to online banking. Of course, the bank must also support the use of Trustly. But this is hardly a problem, because now pretty much all major banks in Canada allow payments via Trustly and Pay N Play, such as the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken, the Sparda Bank, the Sparkassen, the Deutsche Bank and many more.

Unlike most of the other providers who do quick and easy online payments offer, Trustly - and thus also Pay N Play - is not an e-wallet. On the one hand, this means that you don't have to deposit your money into a separate online account before you can load it onto your casino account. Instead, the money is withdrawn directly from your bank account without incurring additional fees or long waiting times. In addition, no additional registration with a payment provider is necessary, as is generally the case with e-wallets. So if you decide to go to a new Pay N Play casino, you can save both time and money.

The simple and fast use and the resulting popularity of Trustly and Pay and Play has also ensured even better sales at online casinos. It has been shown in the past that many online casinos that offer Pay N Play were able to record significantly more deposits per player than casinos without the popular payment method.

Pay N Play CasinosConventional online casinos
+ Competition and competition ensure exciting offers and bonuses.+ Numerous experience reports and proven successes.
+ Modern payment options that fix old problems.+ Experienced customer service knowledgeable about various problems and questions.
+ High quality designs and the lareview games.+ Often active internationally and available in different languages.
+ Modern security measures for even more data protection.+ Lots of different games from different software developers.
+ Current and varied measures for player protection (e.g. self-exclusion).+ VIP options with special benefits and services.
+ Can be easily used on mobile devices.+ Often higher profit opportunities thanks to a higher budget.
- Jackpots and tournament winnings are sometimes lower.- Partly stricter bonus conditions and worse promotions.
- Only a few reviewimonials available.- Security and payment options are often not up to date.

Pay N Play Casino Bonus

Claiming a welcome bonus or other promotions in Pay N Play casinos is not as easy as with many other providers. That is usually because of the Pay N Play Casino bonus online is not even offered. The reason for this is often that the principle of these sites is based on the fact that you can deposit and withdraw money directly. Bonus offers are generally worthwhile for the operators mainly due to the specific bonus conditions that can hardly be implemented here. While bonus offers are rare, that doesn't mean they don't exist. In our Pay N Play Casino list you will find various providers who also offer a bonus when making a deposit using the Trustly payment option.

The various bonuses of the providers on our Pay N Play Casino List can generally be claimed just as you are used to from other sites. As a rule, all you have to do is make a deposit, select the appropriate bonus or enter a bonus code, and you can get started. When you choose a provider from our list, you can be sure that they are only the best Pay N Play casinos the market has to offer.

Pay N Play fees

One of the greareview advantages of Pay N Play casinos is that you don't have to pay any fees whatsoever with your payment. That's because any fees are completely different from the Online casinos must be taken over. This rule is imposed by Trustly itself, so you can be sure that you will not incur any additional costs. If you come across an online casino that charges for the use of Pay N Play fees, you can assume that this is not a reputable provider. Since the fees always have to be paid by the online casino itself, the Pay and Play method usually does not allow very small deposits, as these would hardly be worthwhile for the providers. In our Pay and Play Casino List you will find various sites where you can easily play even with a small budget.

Fast payments thanks to Pay N Play

With Pay N Play, Trustly wanted to offer players the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer without having to accept long waiting times. Instead, the transactions are processed here directly in real time. This does not only apply to deposits, because you will also receive your money particularly quickly when you withdrawals. While other payment methods can take several days to land in your account due to verification or the general processing time, you can usually have your winnings paid out directly at Pay N Play casinos.

Pay N Play casinos as a safe alternative

The issue of security always plays a major role in online casinos. Here, too, Trustly offers an alternative with Pay N Play that ensures even more secure transactions. The payment method allows you to make deposits and withdrawals without having to enter payment information in the online casino. Instead, you only need to provide a small amount of general information about your bank details to make the payment. These are also protected by Trustly with SSL encryption to ensure that no one has access to your data. The exact information about your transaction is reserved solely for your bank, as the payment itself is processed directly through this. So you can enjoy the entire casino offer without any risk or worry about the security of your data.

Trustly customer service for the Pay N Play service

Initially, it is not easy to get in touch with the Pay N Play customer service. This is primarily due to the fact that this is mainly available to the online casinos themselves. Of course, that doesn't mean that you don't have a contact person if you have any questions or problems. If, for example, there are problems with a payment, it is the responsibility of the respective Pay N Play casino to take care of them. For this purpose the customer service of the casino can in turn contact the support of Pay N Play. Experience has shown that with Pay and Play payments, problems that affect you as the end user rarely arise.


With Pay N Play, Trustly has developed a payment method that provides a completely new gaming experience. With this provider, you can avoid long registration processes and waiting times for verification and make deposits and withdrawals directly and easily. At the same time, at Pay N Play casinos you can also assume that your payments will be processed in a particularly secure way without any sensitive data being cached. Pay N Play from Trustly is not only easy and convenient, but also offers a particularly low risk, so we can definitely only recommend Pay N Play casinos to you.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ regarding Pay & Play

► What is a Pay N Play Casino?

Pay N Play casinos are online casinos that offer Pay N Play as a payment method. If it is a pure Pay N Play casino, no other payment options are usually offered here. On some pages, Pay N Play is also offered as an additional option.

► You have to register in Pay N Play casinos?

Thanks to Pay N Play, you can easily bypass the registration process. You simply make a deposit and you can start playing right away. But you still have an account. In this case, it is linked to your payment information.

► Are Pay N Play Casinos Safe?

Trustly and Pay N Play are considered particularly secure payment options, so you can expect a high level of security in Pay N Play casinos. So that you choose a reputable casino in any case, you can easily select a provider from our Pay N Play casino list.

► There are bonus offers in Pay N Play casinos?

Bonus offers are rarely offered in Pay N Play casinos. But there are still some providers where you can get a small welcome bonus, for example.

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