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First of all, we would like to warmly welcome you to our website Are you wondering what this is about? Thats is quite easy: We have put together all the important information about online gambling for you. We believe that this is really necessary given the seemingly endless number of online casinos. In all of this, we see ourselves as an independent, transparent and, above all, competent advisor with regard to the entire range of gambling products. Whether roulette, blackjack or slot machines, we check and evaluate this for you according to the criteria just mentioned in order to enable you to have a safe and successful casino experience that you can really enjoy.

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Towards the end of 2017, Harald "Harry" Zawuski decided to set up this platform together with a certain Marcel Neithardt. The idea came about over a beer on the beach, but the whole process took a few months. With almost 40 degrees in the shade, a lot of sweat flowed before the first version was ready for release.

Susanne 'Susi' Preacher - Mathematics and Gambling | [email protected]

If you're wondering where all the numbers come from that are mentioned here on - I got them from Wikipedia. Little fun on the side. I have a mathematical background and therefore try to represent the probabilities in gambling as precisely as possible. Black Jack, for example, is a very interesting game, and slot machines and casino bonuses also provide a lot that can still be discussed. Please contact me if you have any questions about game theory.

Beatrix 'Bea' Renz - Casino Reviews and News | [email protected]

Last year I came to the beautiful Mediterranean island for the first time to do an internship in the report of the online editorial team at CasinoPilot24. The 3 months went by way too quickly. When I got back to my home in Munich, I quickly realized that I wanted to come back here. Fortunately, I soon got the chance to start working as a permanent editor. At the moment I'm mainly responsible for the reviews of the casinos (which is a lot of fun when you can review them for free). But I also write a lot of news and other articles. If you have a specific topic, please let me know!

Harald 'Harry' Zawuski - Head of Duty | [email protected]

I was born in beautiful Berlin, where I also worked in the tourism industry for many years. My passion has always been writing and various types of gambling, but mainly roulette. I have also repeatedly carried out various journalistic and editorial activities. With CasinoPilot24 I have now turned my hobbies into a job. We provide you with first-hand information from authors who are passionate about what they do - that is important to me. I also worked as a live dealer in the casino for many years and therefore I know exactly what to look for in the casino offers.

Johannes 'Hannes' Uffelmann - Editor-in-Chief | [email protected]

I come from Lower Lusatia, where I worked for a traditional print medium that was not mentioned in detail - that is, a national newspaper. My milieu is the feuilletton, but also the economy. I think it's true when I say that I just enjoy writing lyrics. Poker has been one of my hobbies since my studies, which of course taught me a lot about online casinos. When I edit texts I make sure that it is understandable and that the information conveyed really applies. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the editorial part.

Marcel Neithardt - Development & Design | [email protected]

Actually, I came to Malta 3 years ago just for diving. The sea and the diving spots convinced me and I just stayed there. I simply swapped my job as a developer in Canada for the equivalent in Malta. So here I am responsible for the technical aspects and the design of the site. Just contact me if you should find a bug. Whenever I have time, which doesn't happen that often, I also write an article about my second passion besides diving: slot machines.

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The information on this page is provided strictly for persons of legal age. But even adults are not immune to all the dangers of gambling addiction. If you have the slighreview doubt about your gaming behavior, we urgently advise you to seek professional help immediately. These are available anonymously at, a service of the Federal Center for Health Education, the BZgA.