We’ve come a long way from first starting out in a Mansion

Hey, it’s me again, back with some interesting stuff I want to share with you guys.

Since the beginning of the game’s development, I’ve been wondering – how will the game look in the end? And now, I’m able to compare the early Alpha of Apparition to the final product.

The very first version of Apparition

A Haunted Mansion

Yeah, this is what it originally looked like. Back in 2017, I wanted the action to be located in a haunted mansion – looks pretty creepy, doesn’t it?

In the end, I chose the forest for various reasons, mostly because it’s easier (call me lazy), and there’s more “stuff” and features that I could add. Even so, there has still been a lot of work since the alpha version of the game.

A comparison between the alpha and the final game

The Campfire Now (2018)

The campfire (2017)

The Original Spirit Board (2017)

The Spirit Board Now (2018)