There are no mines in Green Creek, but you can be crafty

Oh, hello there again! Welcome back to the store. I’m really happy to see you alive and well. So, how’s your investigation going? Quite good, you say? Great to hear that you’ve managed to avoid ugly confrontations with all the apparitions until now. But you do know you can’t run away forever, don’t you?

Hmm, what I’m saying is – you need to be prepared. Tell me, have you perhaps noticed a workbench in one of the shacks down in Green Creek? You have? I thought so. That’ll do quite nicely, I reckon.

I suggest you try looking for some spare metal parts around the area. You seem resourceful. With a bit of imagination and handywork, you could upgrade some of the tools you’ve bought from my store. I could teach you how to make a bear trap, for example. Did you know I was raised by a family of poachers? Anyway, it just might some in handy if you want to catch some of the more… aggressive demons. At least I should hope so.

I’m really impressed by your investigation work, sir. I’ll prepare for some blueprints for you that’ll help with the crafting. Also, don’t forget that you can easily make a small fireplace on the go which will allow you a few minutes’ rest.

I hope I’ll see you again soon, sir! To be sure, let’s add Apparition to your wishlist. I’m really rooting for your success. Good luck!