The sketches of the dead

Welcome back, Mr. Investigator. It’s the first time I have summoned you here by myself, isn’t it? Because of your determination and strong heart I am willing to aid you on your quest to document the otherworldly apparitions haunting the grounds of Green Creek. I’m not your ordinary old lady and I have my own secrets up my sleeve…

There were many like you before, Mr. Investigator, and each one of them came to me in search of help. The thing is, none of those poor souls were bold enough or emotionally strong enough to stand up to the challenge. If they weren’t killed by the creations of The Great One, they ended up with a psychotic break and went straight to the mental hospital.

What I wanted to show you today are the sketches made by some of them. Their broken minds felt the need to get the horror of what they’d seen out of their system by materializing it in the form of drawings. Some of them were left at Green Creek, whereas others were brought to me by the relatives of the curious deceased.

I can’t say for sure, Mr. Investigator, that all of those sketches are grounded in reality, as they could be mere projections of twisted minds, but they could be as true as all of the rumors surrounding the hauntings. It could be that The Developer has summoned even deadlier creatures than the drawings would suggest. Nevertheless, be careful on your journey, as I am slowly starting to believe in your success.