The mages of sound

Mr. Investigator! How great to see that you are still alive. Your brave and bold heart refuses to stay away from Green Creek, where demons and the otherworldly roam at night. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in awe of your determination and I’m willing to help you. What brings you to me today, my dear?

Aah, the sounds. I know. That’s how the ancient magic of the Great One works. Sometimes, between the ambiance of the night and the noises of the dead, one can hear something you could call music. However, I must warn you my dear. It’s all in your head and no one else can hear it besides you – as you are the one currently under The Developer’s spell.

Once upon a time, while conceiving this wicked place called Green Creek, the Great One summoned two musical mages to help him build the atmosphere of this horrid landscape. Thus, Isserley the Sad One [] and Myuu the Dark Sound Composer [] aided him, as they were fascinated by Mr. Ciastku’s creations. It is their spells that make you hear the music and I highly recommend learning more about their magic before going back to your mission.

Listen carefully, as each and every one of these so called “tunes” is a powerful spell. You won’t even notice when the mischievous melodies continue to envelope your mind when you try to take pause and clear your head.

The blend of ambient sounds and spells is, in itself, a source of fear which intensifies in every person who visits Green Creek. It is indeed one way the Great One’s power manifests itself in the minds of visitors. It can also serve as a warning. The closer the monsters are, the louder the rumbling sounds in your head.