The cel shaded dread of Green Creek

Welcome again, dear Investigator.

I have summoned you here because I found another one of those arcane tomes that document the ways of The Great One, The Developer, Mr. Ciastku. This particular volume sheds some more light on the creation of Green Creek.

You’ve probably noticed, Mr. Investigator, how when you enter this haunted place everything around you starts to look a bit… different? The world begins to shift as one crosses the border from our reality into the one designed by The Developer. This is due to the forbidden magic flowing through space and time which makes all visible matter seem blue-ish or even comic book-like. Thick outlines appear around objects and bodies. One could say it seems cel shaded and kind of… charming?

The tome says also that Mr. Ciastku was inspired visually by the works of other Great Ones. The works called Wick and Unforgiving were the most influential.

Stay strong, Mr. Investigator, as the colorful look of Green Creek can be deceiving. Under The Developer’s spell, it’s easy to forget about the demons and ghosts lurking around every corner. Waiting…