Crafting Half of Your Life

The crowbar. In Apparition the crowbar is the answer to some lingering questions. It has been shown that, in case of invasion, when the crowbar is delivered with precision to the face of an angry monster from another dimension, it can bring some much needed relief to our mind. But we’re not here to discuss the advantages of a free mind, but to make your investigation more efficient and successful.

Okay, so you’ve gathered some sweet experience points. Now it’s time to check out the store’s shelves before going back to the land of wickedness. Remember that crowbar I mentioned earlier? In Apparition you’re going to need it. Trust me. Invest in this handsome skull-opening bad boy and hop into your car. We’re heading to Green Creek again!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a closed cellar in one of the shacks you checked before. Let’s try to pry the door open with our trusty friend – Mr. Crowbar.

Okay, so we are inside the cellar. We have a crafting table and a few metal scraps laying here and there. I guess we could try to search for some more useful parts while exploring Apparition’s Green Creek. You’re a bright guy. Maybe you can figure out how to make some traps to mess with the demons and make our stay here a little less miserable and terrifying?

I believe in you. Stay alive.