Buy your happiness

Holy crap, I can’t believe you actually managed to escape that abomination. I told you that you really need to be careful while talking to those demonic bastards, didn’t I? Man, don’t apologize, just be more careful next time or you may end up haunting this place with the rest of them!

I mentioned the experience points earlier, but we didn’t have time to get deeper into that matter while we were being chased. Anyway, all the evidence of the paranormal activities which you’ve gathered throughout your stay at Green Creek are awarded points. The experience points collected during the gameplay are crucial in achieving success in Apparition. In fact, they serve as a kind of currency in the local stores.

Buying new equipment will allow you to document apparitions more efficiently and will open up new, unexplored places in Green Creek. Every visit to this haunted and forsaken place makes for a new adventure… if you can call being chased by hellish creatures and barely escaping with your life an adventure.

Want to know more, do you? Let’s talk more about it next time.