You died!

Of course you did. Apparition is a survival horror exploration game and it has got quite a rogue-like vibe to it. That means that you’re gonna repeat your visits to Green Creek a LOT. Many visits will involve gruesome deaths, such as one you’ve just experienced. Deal with it, adapt and improvise!

Your main goal in Apparition is to gather experience points by documenting all the paranormal activities occurring near Green Creek. Every photograph and video recording is awarded abstract and meaningful numbers. You thought I’d say they were meaningless? WRONG! That’s a very important game mechanic. Wanna know why? Come back next week and I’ll give you the run down in the next announcement.

Now, we’ve got a more important matter at hand – a friggin’ ghost is chasing after you! You should’ve been nicer to him when you were chatting to him on the spirit  board. Just sayin’. The trickiest part of the gameplay is to get the hell out of that cursed place with all your earned experience. Death means losing the points that you’ve just gathered during this particular visit, so staying alive is totally worth it as it will save you from repeating the same tasks over and over.

The more experience you gather, the more the secrets of Green Creek will be revealed before your very eyes. But that’s a topic for another story.