The voices whisper stories

Hey there! Since the next Apparition development milestone is just around the corner, we’ve decided to add a bit more to the spook factor in the game. Get ready for spine tingling whispers from behind, specters materializing out of nowhere and other nasty little surprises to make you hair curl.

Moreover, we haven’t mentioned this yet to anybody, but we’re working on a curious little story for the game. While exploring the unwelcoming surroundings of Green Creek, you may stumble upon clues that will allow you to uncover the terrible secret of this place.

And last but not least – we’re working on controller support so we can bring the game to conso… erm… you didn’t hear me say that, okay? Let’s just say it’s our little secret. For now at least!

Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to the day you’ll be able to dive deep down into the horrors we’re preparing for you!